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Tanya is a published author and her books are available in the Amazon store


New Release!
Available on Kindle

This book demystifies and explains from a scientific and psychological perspective, how your programmed thoughts, coupled with your energetic body, impact your physiology and therefore your life experiences, and why being positive and shifting your soft skills will help you overcome your blocks so you can start living your best life!

In each chapter, Tanya unpacks in layman’s terms, how you can shift your worldview, which is followed by ‘what science says’ and a practical exercise. You will be equipped with 8 change habits that you can implement to change your thought patterns, behaviours and life experiences, to achieve real happiness, success and abundance. 

This book is intended to help you understand how to overcome negativity and blocks, and empowers you to transform your life!

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Available on Kindle 
and Audible

This book is intended for anyone who is required to generate income from a product or service.

It is based on coaching and looks at the basic scientific principles of sales, which coupled with psychological coaching principles, creates sales success. 

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Available on Kindle

This sales dictionary has been written with our fast-passed lives in mind, as it is difficult to find the time to read a book cover to cover, when looking for a specific concept.

It is equally challenging to sift through the internet for trusted advice. Our dictionary has been thoughtfully designed for ease of use, providing quick access to optimal information, as the need arises. 

If you are required to generate income for your company, regardless of position, our reference material has been created to assist you with accuracy.

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